Monday, 24 March 2014

Evaluation activity 4

4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience for my magazine would be somebody like Ellis Shelton he is an 18 year old male who is known for his individuality as well his pretntious music taste. He is currently studying his A levels and is hoping to move onto uni. he likes spending time with his friends going on wild night out and he also likes to go and see artists and bands that haven't hit the mainstream route to success yet and is the perfect example of an Indie Scencester, his Ideal gig would be at a small venue with only a few hundred people listening to upbeat accustic music. Every year Ellis goes to a music festival without fail sometimes even more than 1 this year he is going to Leeds he is the type of guy who will spend his whole weekend in a small tent or arena and stay well away from the main stage listening to the future in music talent and the alternative bands. He is particularly looking forward to seeing Peace this year even though there on the main stage as he has followed the alternative indie band since 2010 and cannot wait for the atmosphere.  

Ellis also has a big passion for fashion and likes to pick up some out there offers at charity and vintage shops as he believes this enables him to stick to a budget and look good as he believes this is essential. A lot of the music ellis listens to on his modern day vinly player or his iPod classic contains relatively unheard of music that he has spent hours on the internet searching for on youtube and sound cloud some are even unsigned bands ellis will not stop until he finds a new band or artist to listen to he prides himself on his taste in music.   

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