Monday, 20 January 2014

25 Word Pitch Further Feedback

My Responses to the feedback

25 January 10.00 Thank you for the comment Krishna I am glad you like the length of my video, and that you think it would attract my target audience by the images I have used. If there is anything you think I could Improve on please do not hesitate to reply to me.

25 January 12.00 Hi Sanj! I like how you have identified that there is a clear indication of the genre that I am trying to create as I tried really hard to do this. The black and white filter is designed to create edge and it is designed to stand out so I am also happy that you have noticed this. £3.00p is around the price that I am aiming to sell my magazine at. That is a very good Idea Sanj I could try and feature a larger target audience In magazine which would help me sell it to a wider audience. Thank you for your comments, I will definitely corednsider taking action on the last one relating to my target audience.

26 January 14.00 Thank you for your comments Nat, I am glad that you agree it has my own edge. The simple colour scheme is to remain simplistic and Unique. That is some brilliant feedback from you and I will take this all in I do believe that I need to include more information on what my article will contain. 3.00 is also the price I am going to sell my magazine at.

These are just some of the comments that I responded to on my Blog 

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