Monday, 13 January 2014

Identiying style of music

Identifying my preferred genre of music      13th January

My preferred style of music is Indie this is because I believe that modern mainstream music such as pop gets ruined simply by the fact that it can be generalised to mass public and the music is simply made to appeal to a wide audience. The way the music sounds and is made is done to simply attract as many people as possible and to make money which in my opinion is not how music should be produced.

The main reason as to why I like the Indie genre of music is because it is different and the music that is produced sounds completely different to what you would normally hear, I like the fact that the vast majority of indie music still uses the sounds of classic instruments such as guitars, bass and several forms of stringed instruments along with drums and pianos, Whereas a lot of music produced now a days is automated.

Another reason why i prefer the Indie Genre of music to other styles of music is because the music written does not follow suit to the songs that are written in the modern day era. Their is an increasing number of artists from all different genres of music that follow suit and write their music about a particular topic that has been written about and made into a song plenty of times before, whereas the Indie genre of music tends to follow an individual path and inventive songs are created based upon this.
I also find the style of Indie music very appealing and like the fact that Indie bands and artist all have their own style and although the style of Indie music can be very different to other genres, I find the way Indie bands and artist dress appealing and I like the lifestyle that many people part of the Indie genre of music live.

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