Monday, 13 January 2014

My Magazine Title

There are now 2 titles that I am stuck between for my magazine they are both from the random 20 word generator, as the 20 musical words came across to me as boring and dull along with the fact that they may provide the wrong idea of the magazine to the potential buyer the two names I am stuck between are Fallz and Suburb...

The Final Title that I will go with is SUBURB but I will also be trying out the title Fallz within the construction element of my mock magazine to see whether I have made the right decision for my magazine.

The reason why I have chose the word SUBURB for my magazine title is because I believe the word is catchy and will help appeal to the Indie Scencester audience. The definition of suburb is a small group of houses on the outskirts of a town or city that live within a community. This is relatable to the Indie Scencsters out there because they are a small group of people who don't follow anybody else and place themselves apart from everybody else, like a suburb is in comparison to a city. a Suburb is very often new and trendy which is just like my target audience

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