Sunday, 12 January 2014

Language Register

  Language Register 
For my magazine I believe basic language presented in a simplistic way will be the lexis that I am going to use in my final  magazine design with the occasional intelectual sentence or phrase. The reason why I believe this is the best language register to use is because Although basic language will be used for the majority of the magazine I am not going to make it seem like the readers are illiterate people who struggle to read. I also don't want the magazine to be so basic that it becomes boring this is why I am going to add the intellectual sentences or phrases because this will help the reader to develop a understanding of the magazine and at the same time allow the magazine to flow and read nicely. This is the main thing for me, my main aim relating to the language that I am going to use is to make sure that the magazine flows because if the magazine does not flow the reader isn't going to want to continue and certainly isn't going to want to buy the next issue or subscribe to my magazine. A lot of the current Indie magazines that are availible to purchase tend to use common language although some articles are more in-depth. 

A feature that I believe is incredibly important for me to consider during my magazine is to make it as relatable to the audiene as possible. As I have aimed my magazine at at Indie alternate teens in the age range of between 13-19, the best thing that I could use to make it relatable to the modern day alternate teen would be to include youth terminology and jargon. 

To explore the modern day youth terminolgy 
I decided to conduct some research into youth jargon were I came across an article produced and published by the BBC that contained a modern day youth jargon dictionary and these are the sort of words I am to input into use in my magazine. By inputting language like this into my magazine it instantly makes the magazine more appealing to my target audience.

There is one last thing that I am going to try and incorporate into my media magazine relating to language register and this is the use of taboo. Many magazines that alternative teens would read will contain some sort of physical taboo at some point in the magazine usually its a quote from a feature/artist in the magazine. The area that I am going to incorporate taboo into my magazine is going to mirror image what existing magazines do and include a taboo quote from my featured artist.

Below are  different examples of magazines and articles aimed at alternative Indie teens that contain taboo. The taboo is included because it appeals to the people buying the magazine. However there may be people that are put off by the use of taboo so this is why I will not be including it in my front cover. The place I'm looking to include taboo in will be in my double page spread.

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