Friday, 17 January 2014

My 25 word pitch

Below is my 25 Word pitch that I made on Animoto 


  1. I think the length of your video I just right. You use images that make the audiences attracted to the your magazine and make them want to buy it.

  2. Tom! I can see that you have a clear indication of the genre of your magazine.
    Using a black and white filter will help give your magazine cover and edge and stand out from those that all already being published.
    I like the types of bands that you have chosen, these will really help connect to your target audience.
    I would be willing to pay £3.00
    Maybe consider other aspects that could be featured in your magazine, it would help attract a different audience for these reasons :-)

  3. Tom, your idea of an Indie magazine is great for adding your own edge to it which I feel you could with your particular ideas. With a simple colour palette you will be of a unique market which is always good. To improve you should express more thought over what your article will contain, as your audience will be unaware from this presentation, which is why I would purchase it for £3.

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  4. You can see by this pitch that you have a clear indication of the indie magazine you are aiming to create.This magazine looks like it could be a twist on the regular mainstream mag that a lot of people would be interested in. I think you should include what will be in your articles so that your audience know.
    I would pay £2.50 for your magazine.

  5. I like how you aim to create a fashion-music magazine. I think this is effective because I don't think I have ever came across an indie fashion magazine before. I also like how specific you have been through artists and magazines you aim for your to look like. This is effective as it gives you a focus however it gives readers high expectations so I am intrigued to see what your magazine will turn out like.
    I would pay £3.00 for your magazine.
    To improve, give readers an idea of what will be in your magazine so you can attract your target audience effectively.

  6. i like how you've used images as well as text to show your work, you've presented it really well. i would pay £3.00 for your magazine. to improve you need to be more specific with the target audience.