Thursday, 9 January 2014

The first magazine activity process

The first magazine activity 

The first activity we had to do was to design a basic magazine cover so we could get a basic understanding of photoshop that would help us later on in our coursework. Below i have constructed a step to step guide of making my first preliminary magazine cover. 

Step 1
In step one i had to construct the size of the blank canvas to fit the specification of a magazine cover
Step 2 
Step 2 consisted of inserting a photo the featured artist Miles Kane to use for my magazine
Step 3 
In step 3 I added a white border around the photo of Miles Kane
Step 4
For the 4th step i added font and chose the colour of the photo which i wished to use the colour pallet which I used is Grey,white and Red.
Step 5 
The last and final stage is the inserting of the bar code, I cropped the bar code down and resized it.

My overall finished first magazine was done in the most simplistic way as possible.

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