Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Reflection of Skills

Reflection on the skills that I have learnt so far

So far I have got an understanding of photoshop, I have learnt how to make a canvas to the exact specifications that I need. how to create layers and insert images how to remove backgrounds and also how to duplicate any colour into my magazines. There has been 2 tasks were I have used Photoshop so far and these are the first two preliminary tasks the first one was where we had to make a magazine cover with a famous artist/ band imposed on it. This was the magazine cover in which I used Miles Kane I named my magazine Q. The second Preliminary task that I did was creating my school magazine were I used my fellow student Jack Letherland and placed him on front of my school magazine holding a text book. 

The second skill I have learnt is in fact how to use a camera and the aspects that come with using a camera. I have learnt how to set up the studio and the lighting I have learnt how to set up a tripod and place the camera securely into the tripod. As well as learning to focus the camera and take several different shots for my school magazine.

Another skill that I have acquired is using and learning and adapting my basic skills to present my work in different ways these include Infogram were I have made a mood board. Prezi were I have posted my audience profile. And Animoto even though its on the second schedule for the coursework I didn't see the harm in posting it on here.

Editing photos is another skill I have learnt editing via photoshop but also editing photos via Apple Macs after they have been uploaded onto the computer off the memory card.

In the continuing weeks my aim is to continue develop my skills that I have learnt so far and to aim to continue to show progress in my media coursework. A way I am going to try and show this by using even more different ways of presenting work onto my blog.

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