Sunday, 19 January 2014

Target Setting

Targets setting for the week ahead                        Tuesday 19th January 2014

  • My main target for the up and coming week is to conduct further research into the particular style of magazine that I wish to use for my final design, the genre of music that I'm going to research Is "Indie". I am going to do this by looking into related magazine sources that fit the "Indie" genre that I wouldn't normally purchase or be interested in reading. I plan to research into the mainstream "Indie" magazines that are available to buy over the counter,  along with conducting various research into common "Indie" magazines I think it would also be beneficial for me if i conducted research into up and coming "Indie" magazines that are still virtually unheard of by the general public as this will give me a contrast between mainstream "Indie magazines and relatively new unheard of magazines as i believe this contrast will help me to create several ideas into how I could potentially style my magazine. 

  •  Another target of mine for the end of the week is to be up to date with the current coursework schedule that I should be, but also to have achieved the level four work that is presented on Mr Smiths and Mr Fords blog. The main areas of this are to have finished the 3 page spread of the in school magazine that we are expected to have finished and to have designed and finished the magazine front cover of our choice and in my case this will be the magazine cover that features Jake Bugg 

  • My Third target is to familiarise myself with the programmes and software that I will need to use throughout my coursework the main one of these being Photoshop, As I am relatively new to photoshop I need to learn how to do certain things that I am unfamiliar with the main way in which I can do this is to do something on photoshop in one of my frees and when I'm finishing my current work be sure to remember what I am doing. Another way I can help myself achieve this target would be by reading the bits of the book photoshop for dummies and asking Mr smith and Mrs Hammond for help when I need it. 

  • Lastly my Fourth and final target that I have set myself for the end of the week is to look at what makes a successful magazine and look at tips provided by teachers, experts, and editors I believe that It will be important for me to do this because If i can look into what makes a successful magazine I can transfer this research into the work I do in and out of the classroom environment. 

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