Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Initial research for coursework

There are 9 key words in order to gain success and a A grade in the media coursework these are...

1) Research

I will need to research album covers that are relevant to the genre that I am going to do for my coursework an example of this would be 

2) Planning

As part of the planning stage I need to plan for all eventualities but not only this i need to record all of my planning and show the whole process of how I am making my magazine.

 3) Evidence

 On of the most important aspects of the media coursework is being able to show my evidence, I can do this by using loads of different sources, the more sources that I use the better, I need to do flat plans of all my original images, I can also help present evidence by using screen grab and digital editing

4) Ideas

Mr smith has told us that one of the things we need to do thats vital for us to succeed is to simply keep it simple. My Ideas need to have a workable concept and the plans I have need to remain realistic

5) Feedback

I need to ensure that I get regular feedback from both my teachers Mr Smith and Mrs hammond not only this but i need to ensure I get feedback from my peers but its also vital that I give out feedback too.  I need to make sure that I respond to the feedback given and make changes were appropriate

6) Logistics

Logistics is a very important part of my coursework because I need to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and get the correct people at the right places with the right props. I am going to try and get my photos taken and edited as soon as possible because I realise that the resources are limited.

7) Equipment

Some of the equipment will be hard to use and work so I need to make sure that I am familiar with all of this and make sure that it runs smoothly. In general make the most of everything thats on offer for me to use.

8) Production

The key thing to remember is to ensure that I take enough coverage and keep all of my work as organised as possible and start with the big picture then finally tune it down later.

9) Reflection

Constant reflection is needed on my Blog all the way through the project. Make sure I get all the advice I need. Take time to step back and look at everything as a whole.

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